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CSS Coverage for Javascript Unit Tests

There are many CSS coverage projects but none plug directly into JS unit tests, instrumenting at the same time as the JavaScript coverage.

Assuming you have BlanketJS and Mocha tests, just grab css-coverage.js and add the following into the test harness HTML file :

<link rel="stylesheet/coverage" href="path/to/file.less" />
<script src="css-coverage.js"></script>

Less.js + Mocha + BlanketJS

The coverage script uses the less.tree AST to parse all the selectors and the debugInfo data to get line numbers. It adds a testdone hook to Mocha that runs all the selectors on the page. Then, the line number and coverage counts are given to BlanketJS so LESS/CSS files are included in the coverage report.

Example Screenshot

CSS Coverage Demo

Check out the Mocha + BlanketJS demo and the github repo for more!

Other Features

  • Loading LESS files using RequireJS is supported with 0 additional work
  • Instrumented less files that import other files are automatically instrumented