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Building an eBook using GitHub

At Connexions we build free textbooks. To do it we have roughly 4 services:

  • Published Repository (Published Books)
  • Authoring Repository (Drafts)
  • Generate exports (EPUB, PDF)
  • Website

As someone who uses GitHub and Travis daily, I wondered how much of this GitHub (and Travis) can do for us. It turns out, quite a bit. If each book is a repository whose contents is an Unzipped EPUB then amazing things are possible.

Book Publishing = GitHub Repo + GitHub Pages + “Download as Zip” + Service Hooks

  • the master branch is the published version of the book
  • tags are various editions of a book
  • gh-pages branch can be used as a book reader (Website)
  • “Download as Zip” is the EPUB version of the book
  • The editor can “save” via the GitHub API
  • Travis-CI can be used to generate a PDF (and “push” to AWS or some other place)

So, I took our editor and made it save EPUB files to GitHub and viola, a book editor using GitHub!